Amazone Trailed Field Sprayer UX5200

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RRP: £47.99 - YOU SAVE %
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Size (LxWxH mm) 383x996x197 Scale 1:16
Product Code: BRU02207

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• Fold-down support leg

• Two-part unfolding ladder for maintenance access

• Water tank (approx. 390 ml)

• Compressed-air hand pump to push the water into the hose system

• Fold-out outrigger arms, two outriggers each on the left and the right (max. overall width of 1 metre)

• Outrigger unit, height adjustable in 4 positions

• Hose system inside the outriggers including water shut-off lever

• Nine hose openings on each outrigger side for spraying water

• Hose system can be detached for cleaning

• Profiled tyres

• One-axle trailed implement for all tractors of the Professional series

Fertilising, sowing, and plant protection are essential tasks in agriculture. For 125 years, Amazone has been developing tools that are particularly made for these applications and include trailed spreaders used for plant protection.

The top model is the crop sprayer 5200 of the UX series; with operating widths of up to 40 metres, this model is capable of spraying large areas without interruption thanks to its capacity of more than 5,000 litres.

Just like its real-world brother, the BRUDER crop sprayer has, as its most prominent characteristic, a fully functional spreader unit with fillable water tank whose sophisticated pump and hose system easily spreads the water across the 'fields of our little farmers.' Thanks to the outrigger width of approx. 1 metre, it is also possible to work on larger outside play areas 'in an efficient way.'

Other realistic details include a fold-down support leg, an unfolding step ladder, and a height-adjustable outrigger that make playing with this crop sprayer even more fun and this toy truly unique.

Manufacturer Code: 02207