MB Sprinter Transporter with Light and Sound and Roadster

RRP: £62.99
RRP: £62.99 - YOU SAVE %
RRP: £62.99 - YOU SAVE %
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Product Code: BRU02675

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•  Drivers cab

•  Doors can be opened

•  Extendable loading ramps

•  Wheel chocks can be stored in the tool boxes

•  Light and Sound Module

•  Roadster with removable roof and wheel changing system

•  1 cable winch

The stylish and modern design of the car transporter is apparent upon the very first glance. The car transporter has a platform that was modelled down to the last detail of the original. In addition to the high-quality doors with interior panelling and the light and sound module, the cable winch is a particular highlight. With this cable winch, broken-down vehicles can be removed from even the most difficult situations. The side-mounted tool boxes are used to stow the wheel chocks and the access ramps can also be pushed directly into the chassis.

The new Bruder roadster features a detachable roof and can accommodate any bworld figure. For even more playing enjoyment, the vehicle has the new wheel change system installed. To increase the play value, this great vehicle can be expanded with the bworld car workshop (BRU62110).