JCB Fastrac 3220

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RRP: £37.99 - YOU SAVE %
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Size (LxWxH mm) 382x174x199 Scale 1:16
Product Code: BRU03030

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• Motor hood can be opened

• Detachable bumper

• 4-wheel-steering, front wheel axle works in opposite direction of the back wheel axle

• Cross-country mobility thanks to swing axles

• Steerable by means of a steering rod attachable on the steerage wheel via the tractor's sliding roof

• Fully glazed cabin, doors can be opened

• Height-adjustable trailer coupling

• Tread tyres

Device to attach and detach a functional frontloader [BRU03333).

The 'ultimate slave machine', which can be used just like a tractor and is as fast as a lorry (80 km/h) can be seen more and more often on the fields of Germany. The Fastrac is the only tractor which is approved for driving on motorways. JCB, the English company, principally renowned for its worldwide sales of wheel-mounted front-end loaders and tractor backhoe loaders now offers this type of vehicle as the sole manufacturer. Equipped with four-wheel drive and an enormous motor it also has a wide range of uses, the Fastrac concept has become a unique success both in the areas of agriculture as well as in forestry.

A successful design, a high degree of cross-country mobility thanks to swing axles, a height adjustable trailer coupling system, a fully glazed and encased driver's cab complete with doors that can be opened, the well-known and patented capability of steering the vehicle through the roof, using the enclosed steering rod and last but not least the unique four wheel drive steering system, which is the only one of its kind in the world of toys and allow it to manoeuvre through the smallest of turning circles. Naturally, this vehicle can be combined with all the other agricultural trailers and appliances within the Bruder range.

Manufacturer Code: 03030

Fiona Playfair
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Robust model. With premises detail

Suzie Boyd
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Bruder products are always good quality and the fastrac lives up to expectations

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