John Deere 7930 with Forestry Trailer and 4 Trunks

RRP: £82.99
RRP: £82.99 - YOU SAVE %
RRP: £82.99 - YOU SAVE %
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Size (LxWxH mm) 792x175x205 Scale 1:16
Product Code: BRU03054

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•  Cab made from transparent, high-quality plastic

•  Detachable front weight

•  Tow coupling with height-adjustable lifting gear

•  Receiver for front loader

•  Engine bonnet can be opened

•  Steering rod allows steering through the sliding tractor roof

Includes Forestry trailer with loading crane, 4 trunks and grab (BRU02252)

•  Rear drawbar coupling

•  The outer jib can be pulled out to its end position and pushed back in again via various notches

•  Crane body can be turned through 360°

•  Loading crane grabber for loading and unloading

•  Tree trunks included

•  All-terrain oscillating axle

•  Tread tyres

Whether as a building material or for energy generation, the raw material wood is on trend, and sustainable, efficient forestry is more topical than ever. With the new forestry set from Bruder, this exciting theme can be recreated in an extremely realistic way. This tractor is designed for heavy loads, with a rated output of 245 hp and a capacity of 6.8 litres.

The very detailed model from Bruder features a fully glazed cab with opening doors, a detachable front weight, an off-road, steerable front axle and a height-adjustable drawbar coupling. The unique toy/steering system with steering wheel extension through the cab roof also make this tractor easy to manoeuvre for children, despite the cab glazing.

The highly functional forestry trailer takes care of the tree trunk transportation and is already equipped with 4 tree trunks. The model features a rotating and swivelling loading crane, which not only transports the tree trunks but also loads and unloads them. Due to its off-road axles, the trailer can easily cope with even difficult terrain.

The bworld forestry worker (iBRU60030) is the perfect addition to this combination.