MB Arocs Winter Service Vehicle with Plough Blade

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RRP: £83.99 - YOU SAVE %
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Size (LxWxH mm) 620x210x215 Scale 1:16
Product Code: BRU03685

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• Folding outside mirror

• Doors can be opened

• Tread tyres

• Working space of the screw can be viewed (flap can be opened and closed)

• Tank can be filled with water

• Rotating ladder

• Gritter rotates by 180 degrees (for transport and cleaning function)

• Fully functioning gritter with feeding screw, can be switched on and off by a lever

Includes Lorry Plough Blade (BRU02582)

• The blade can be lifted in or out by a lever (operating or transport position)

• Flags can be mounted on the plough blade

• The blade angle can be adjusted by +/- 30 degrees; it is self-arresting and stepless

• Includes adapter for tractors and trucks

• Compatible with figure

Power, durability and efficiency often represent crucial elements, particularly on a cold working day in wintry road conditions. The new Mercedes-Benz Arocs was specially designed to match such conditions. The vehicle was also designed to match said technical characteristics. As a result, the front grille features excavator tooth design, whereby the teeth represent the vehicle's hands-on approach and power. With this model we focussed intensively on the durability that characterises Bruder products and equipped the cab with opening door to give Bruder figures access to the vehicle.

'... heavy snowfall up and down the country...', as soon as traffic reports mention something like this, winter service vehicles start working against the clock to ease the situation. With the Arocs, Bruder, known for its realistic vehicles suitable for any conditions, has developed an impressive and exact replica of the original winter service vehicle. The wide, height-adjustable and of course also detachable plough blade manages to clear even the thickest snow and create a lane suitable for traffic. The extremely realistic gritter mechanism applies sand or any other grit to the road surface to prevent vehicles from losing control. The Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck can be retrofitted with the Bruder Light & Sound Module (BRU02801).

Manufacturer Code: 03685