Horse Fence - White

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RRP: £13.99 - YOU SAVE %
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Product Code: BRU62504

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• All fence components are interchangeable and can be combined with one another

• The feed trough and the name plate can be hooked into the fence

• The base part can be used to link all fences to one another

• The gate can be swung open and closed on one side

As well as large and small riding stables, different riders and horses and lots of accessories, there are now two varieties of horse fence. Be it as an extension, a huge horse area or to make a paddock for the horses, the fence elements are ideal for creating different scenes.

The white horse-fence gives the impression of being high-quality and reflects the elegant side of riding. At riding tournaments and at elegant riding stables, the white fence fits in harmoniously. The set has eleven fence elements, a gate with ground beam, a hay rack, a feed trough, a name plate and the required number of feet. The flexibility of this system and its extendibility means creativity knows no bounds and hours of fun are guaranteed.

Manufacturer Code: 62504

Laura Ward
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Last a life time

Haydn James
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simple and effective

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