Little Rider Court with Horsewoman - Horse - Saddle - Bridle

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RRP: £41.99 - YOU SAVE %
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Scale 1:16
Product Code: BRU62521

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• 4 horse boots

• saddle

• Riding hat

• Bridle

• All fence components are interchangeable and can be combined with one another

• The feed trough and the name plate can be hooked into the fence

• The base part can be used to link all fences to one another

• The gate can be swung open and closed on one side

• 1 horse (Colours vary)

• Woman with blonde hair ith boots

The movable figures of the BRUDER bworld series and the existing horses are perfect for recreating scenes from the world of equitation. Extending buildings and fence elements into a huge riding world makes it even more exciting.

The small riding stable with fence, horse and tack, and rider is ideal as an individual item and as an addition to the big riding stable (BRU62520). The intelligent combination of individual parts allow almost an infinite num-ber of scenes to be created so you won?t get bored. It is, for instance, possible to combine several pasture huts with one another to form a large shelter for animals or a hut for small tractors or tools. The fence extension set (BRU62502) allows the paddock or the show grounds to be extended almost as far as you want.

This complete set contains, along with the horse shelter with hay rack, water trough and name plate, a rider with helmet and whip. In addition, there is a horse with saddle, gaiters and bridle, and fencing made up of seven elements and a gate.

Manufacturer Code: 62521

michael acott
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The plastics used were strong and were well protected for transit.The toys will last and should provide excellent play possibilities.

Kathleen Harvey
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