Show Jumping Course with female rider and horse

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RRP: £43.99 - YOU SAVE %
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Product Code: BRU62530

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• Trophy and rosette

• Winners podium

• 4 pots with plants

• 4 hedges

• 2 obstacles

• 3 cavaletti X-shaped stands

• Wall obstacle

• 4 horse boots

• Saddle

• Riding crop

• Riding hat

• Bridle

• 1 horse (Colours vary)

• Woman with blonde hair with boots

One of the equestrian disciplines is show jumping. Show jumping allows you to experience from close up the potential of the intimate bond between horse and rider. The set contains everything for a real show jumping course. The wall, the oxer, cavaletti obstacles. The show jumping course is also adorned with hedges and plant tubs. The show jumping can get underway immediately after the obstacles have been put into place as the rider and horse with saddle are also included in the set. Once the obstacles have been successfully cleared there is nothing left to prevent the rider collecting the trophy and rosette on the winners podium.

Manufacturer Code: 62530

Kathleen Harvey
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