Buyers Guide


We stock a large range of products from suppliers including Bruder, Britains, Siku, Breyer, Brushwood and many more. All the products we sell are accurate replicas of farm and construction vehicles and equipment in everyday use.

The products we stock have been selected based on the following:-

•  Design Features

•  Ease of Use

•  Safety

•  Value for Money


The Bruder range and Britains Big Farm are both made from high quality durable plastic. This makes them the ideal choice for more 'hands on' play, both indoors and outdoors.

Britains, Siku & Joal are metal diecast models more suitable for indoor play and are not designed for the same 'rough and tumble' as the plastic toys.

The Universal Hobbies, Wiking and Norscot models are highly detailed and suitable for collectors only.

Brushwood and Kids Globe farm buildings are made from wood and supplied 'flat pack' for quick and easy assembly.


Each item we supply is developed and tested under strict conditions and all comply with the European Standard EN 71 Safety of Toys and bear the CE mark.

The Regulations require toys to be designed and made so that they comply with safety requirements. The requirements include aspects such as mechanical safety, flammability, exclusion of toxic materials, hygiene etc.


The scale of an item refers to its relative size compared to the 'real thing'. For example, a 1:32 scale tractor is 32 times smaller than the actual tractor. So 1cm on the model would represent 32cm on the tractor. Therefore, the larger the scale number, the smaller the item.

The scale and dimensions of the products we supply are shown on the relevant description pages.The following are approximate lengths for a John Deere tractor in various scales.

1:87 scale =   55mm

1:50 scale = 115mm

1:32 scale = 160mm

1:16 scale = 320mm

As long as the scale remains the same, products from different manufacturers can be combined into a complete complementary collection.


The sizes on are our website are shown as follows:-

L  = Length, W = Width, H  = Height

All sizes are shown in mm.

The table below shows an approximate conversion from mm to inches.

 25mm   =   1.0 inch

 38mm   =   1.5 inch

 50mm   =   2.0 inch

150mm  =   6.0 inch

250mm  = 10.0 inch

500mm  = 20.0 inch


The majority of our toys and models are suitable for children from the ages of 3 upwards.

Bruder have a small 'Roadmax' range for children from the age of 2.

Universal Hobbies, Wiking and Norscot models are highly detailed suitable for ages 14+.

The age suitability is shown on the relevant description page for the product.


To buy any items on the website simply click the green 'Add' button to place the product into your basket. You will be shown your current basket and have the option to add further items, change the items in the basket or go to 'Checkout'.

On checkout enter your contact details together with the delivery method you require. Once all details have been entered you are taken to the payment screen.

An order confirmation email will be sent to the address provided. A further email will be sent notifying you when the goods have been despatched.

If you prefer to order by telephone or need any assistance with your order please contact us on 01253 731333).