Veterinarian Visit at the Farm

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RRP: £34.99 - YOU SAVE %
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Scale 1:24
Product Code: SCH42503

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A calf on the farm has sprained its foot. The vet jumps in his pickup straight away with his Labrador and the cat, and heads off to examine the calf. The vet's case with medication and bandages is always in the loading bay of his pickup. He bandages the calf right away and drives it to the veterinary practice. After the X-ray it can recuperate there before being taken back to the farm.

Contains 1 x pick-up, 1 x vet, 1 x calf, 1 x Labrador Retriever, 1 x kitten, 1 x aluminium box, 1 x stethoscope, 1 x bandage, 1 x bowl, 1 x bone, 1 x tree trunk, 1 x sticker sheet

Schleich models are approximately 1:24 scale, but sizes can vary across the range.

Manufacturer Code: 42503

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