Transport Helicopter

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Size (LxWxH mm) 368x295x74 Scale 1:50
Product Code: SIK2527

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The rumble of the rotors announces the arrival of the large rescue helicopter. The SAR helicopter is deployed under the most difficult conditions at sea and in the mountains. With cable winches and stretchers, the helpers are able to rescue accident victims and to attend to them medically in the helicopter.

The helicopters are also deployed in crisis areas for the transport and lowering of heavy goods. For this, the side doors and the rear flap of the Siku helicopter can be opened. The rear flap is so large that a Siku vehicle can drive in and out. Like the original, the Siku transport helicopter is painted grey, and only the two large side doors are fluorescent orange. The helicopter’s rotor can be turned and the undercarriage can be extended. The cable winch is raised automatically during rescue manoeuvres.

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