Liebherr R980 SME Crawler Excavator

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RRP: £337.99 - YOU SAVE %
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Product Code: SIK6740

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This new crawler excavator from the Liebherr brand sets new yardsticks in the SIku Control 32 series in terms of size, weight, and functionality. The 2.4 GHz RC model, made mainly from metal (!) weighs in at around 2.5 kg. A total of six electronic proportionally controlled high output gears moves this monumental RC vehicle safely and accurately to its goal.

The right and left sides of the crawler chassis can each be individually and proportionally steered, in order to manoeuvre the excavator accurately to its desired location. The turret can be rotated through 360 degrees and more, because this runs without cables.

The question of which is the front of the excavator when the turret has been turned several times during an extended period of excavation is sometimes not at all easy to answer. This is where the electronics come in. Just with a press of a button, the turret is moved to the normal position. This means: Where the excavator arm points is forwards.

The excavator is proportionally controlled by means of three gears, and is capable of excavating just like the original - and that means even below the floor line. And so the excavation of trenches or pits is possible. The excavator is operated via a remote control. With this command centre, the excavator driver has all functions to hand. The new joystick control elements duplicate the actual control movements of an excavator just like the original. Using the new controller, there is no problem in issuing accurate control commands for excavation, firming, spreading, and breaking up. For safety when operating the model, and also to avoid damage, each of the six gears is equipped with a sliding clutch. LED-based lighting rounds out this visually and technically outstanding model.

Power is provided to the model via three Baby-C batteries. To operate the remote control, four AA batteries are required. Rechargeable batteries are also approved for use in the model.

Batteries are not included.

Manufacturer Code: 6740