Vacuum Tanker SG 28

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Size (LxWxH mm) 442x205x152 Scale 1:32
Product Code: WIK7311

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The mighty slurry tanker is an impressive sight with its miniature SBX 16-30 manure distributor which has an operating range of at least 96 centimetres. Each of the 1:32 models of the SG28 guarantees a high level of flexibility along with optimum manoeuvrability and high loading capacity.

WIKING has created a model of the mammoth SG28 from Samson that has a three-axle chassis and a remarkable tank capacity of 28 cubic metres. What makes WIKING?s model of the Samson slurry tanker so impressive is undoubtedly the detachable SBX 16-30 manure distributor that simulates an operating range of 30 metres. All the moving rods along with the trailing hoses also match the original perfectly thanks to the refined level of detail.

The model has been completely hand-crafted by the traditional model-makers using a combination of plastic elements and die-cast zinc components.

Manufacturer Code: 7311