John Deere 6125R

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Size (LxWxH mm) 230x125x160 Scale 1:32
Product Code: WIK7318

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In creating the 6125R, WIKING has produced a model of the flagship of the new 6R series with 145 HP. What is particularly remarkable about this model tractor compared with its predecessor is the markedly larger cab, giving the driver a view which easily surpasses any that has been provided before.

The intricate printed details and above all the elaborate engraving on the impressive new bonnet, along with the structural design of the cab and interior, make the best possible use of the material properties of the plastic and zinc die-cast components. The feature that collectors will enjoy most is the cab that can be opened although the large windows afford a clear view of the filigree detailing inside. In the cab, there is also the ergonomically contoured driver?s seat with side control panels.

Manufacturer Code: 7318