Fliegl VFW 18 000 Profiline All Purpose Cutting Tool

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Size (LxWxH mm) 442x160x160 Scale 1:32
Product Code: WIK7337

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Efficient cultivation in agriculture is guaranteed by the Fliegl vacuum barrel trailer with slurry injector and can be experienced on the model. Especially on meadows and arable land, the slurry is applied directly into the soil in a way that is gentle to the crop. WIKING has miniaturized the Fliegl vacuum trailer with the powerful tank container and the detail-rich fittings as well as the associated slurry injector. Just like the prototype in every aspect, a miniaturized construction attached to the rear is waiting for the model enthusiast.

All the details of the Fliegl vacuum barrel trailer can be authentically experienced, from the slurry hoses down to the slot shoes. In the slurry plow, WIKING has miniaturized already the second rear attachment for the Fliegl vacuum barrel trailer. Just like the prototype, the efficient working width allows the slurry, which has been fed down into the ground through hoses, to be worked in by means of the plow function. Support wheels at the side keep the slurry plow at the rear of the Fliegl tank wagon on track.

Manufacturer Code: 7337