Single Axle 3 Way Tipping Trailer

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Scale 1:32
Product Code: WIK7348

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A wide range of superstructure variants and additional equipment allow Brantner to offer a deployment device tailored to the needs of each and every customer. The normal flatbed has a second row of attached steel walls, which increase the load capacity and make the tipper visibly gain in volume. Traditionally, the single-axle trailer has been arranged to tilt backward but it can also be tilted to the right. What's special about it: When tipping backward, three options useful for everyday work can be simulated. The bottom flatbed wall can be opened alone as well as together with the second superstructure wall above it. With a small functional detail, the third option comes into being: Just like with the prototype, the discharge channel can be cranked downward when emptying grain or other bulk material and be opened at the top. When dumping to the side, the flatbed wall tilts from the flatbed floor hinges downward. In addition, the support wheel for parking can be lowered as well as turned.

Manufacturer Code: 7348