Front Loader Accessory - Set A - John Deere

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Scale 1:32
Product Code: WIK7381

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When WIKING produced the John Deere 7430 with front-loader, fans of 1:32 models were immediately won over. The John Deere 7430 fits perfectly into the 1:32 range and there are even more functional options to choose from right from the start: WIKING has created three further models of front-loader attachments in the original green used by John Deere.

Set A is based on the originals manufactured by Bressel & Lade from Visselh?vede and includes a high-tip bucket, a round and square bale handler and a log fork. The high-tip bucket means that the discharge height and the tipping angle can be increased because the discharge height of the original is around 400 mm above the centre of rotation of the quick-change holder.

Thanks to the round and square bale handler, round and square straw bales and film bales can be transported safely and securely. The log fork in the widely known sickle design can be used for loading logs and small-diameter timber.

Manufacturer Code: 7381