Front Loader Accessory - Set B - John Deere

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Scale 1:32
Product Code: WIK7382

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More front-loader options for John Deere tractors

Anyone who owns a 1:32 model of the John Deere with front-loader now has even more functional options to choose from. The second set contains a silage cutter, a Big Bag carrier with Big Bag and a brushwood fork. The silage cutter can be used as a reliable agricultural attachment for the clean removal of all types of silage.

With the special Big Bag carrier, the safe transportation of Big Bags is guaranteed. With the hydraulic front-loader, Big Bags can be used to fill seeders or load trailers, for example. In addition, the brushwood fork has a fully mobile mechanism comprising an upper cutter and four tines which can be spread apart.

Manufacturer Code: 7382