Valtra T174 with Frontloader

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Scale 1:32
Product Code: WIK7815

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Thanks to its fully movable front loader, the benefits of the Valtra idea of ?365 days visibility? can be strikingly reaped. Narrow cab posts and the best possible all-round visibility make tractor work easy at any time of the day or night. The wheels are removable, of course. The rear hydraulics were developed such that the length of the upper link, which is now movable, can be adjusted. As in reality, the attached device is hooked in at the end of the upper link, while the piston ensures the desired orientation of the attached devices of the agricultural machine by means of a combined grating.

Thanks to the new feature, it is possible to hook a broad range of attached devices to the tractor easily and set and fix their position realistically. The different driving and working positions of the tractor with the corresponding attached devices can thus be rendered realistically. Added to this is a front loader, which further enhances the farm properties of the tractor ? the full variety of application options can be simulated in the model.

In addition, the true-to-prototype maneuverability of the Valtra T174 has been increased because the tractors steering gear, corresponding to the 175 hp prototype, has been further developed and redesigned. In the future, the steering angle of the front axle can be adjusted using the steering wheel even more realistically. Ergo, the steering wheel can be turned even further than before. And that?s not all: The wheels of the Valtra T174 are removable. The appearance of the tractor sparks enthusiasm at first glance, not just on account of the fact that the raised hood with its cleverly positioned LED headlights underscores the uniqueness of the Valtra. The cab also seems to be integrated in the chassis in a more compact manner. The 5-post cab has impressive outward curves. Thanks to the glass area of more than six square meters, the prototype has a better all-round visibility.

Manufacturer Code: 7815