Claas Direct Disc 520 with Cutting Unit Trailer

Scale 1:32
Product Code: WIK7825

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With the cutting unit trolley and the Claas Direct Disc 520 on it, authentic harvest operations can be reenacted. The Claas Direct Disc 520 boasts a working width of at least five meters and an operating weight of 26 tons. Whether cut plants will be used in the milk-ripe stage as high-quality animal feed or for efficient generation of bio-energy, the Claas Direct Disc 520 can work in one operation as a mower as well as a chopper. And this is how the field operation works: The crop is first cut by the disc mower, after which it is conveyed directly to the intake auger via a paddle roller. From there, it is fed to the chopper intake. The model can be attached to and removed from the Jaguar in a few simple steps. The cutting unit rollers are correspondingly movable.

Manufacturer Code: 7825

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